Off/Kilter: World Poetry Day

World Poetry Day is right around the corner (March 21st) and there really couldn’t be a better time to bring you three poetry picks from our Off/Kilter column. These collections all offer a window into the surreal nature of our world, and show us how, through this warped reflection, we might find the roots of what it means to be human.Stay weird and stay well.–Your Off/Kilter Host, Leyla T.


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Bite Me! by Joe Rosenblatt (Porcupine’s Quill)The late, great author and artist Joe Rosenblatt had to be the first on this list. In this collection of poetry, fantastical worlds full of monsters and strange creatures abound. But a closer look may reveal a more familiar shape. Will you be the eater or the one who’s being eaten?
Devolution by Kim Goldberg (Caitlin Press)Italo Calvino and Jorge Luis Borges come to mind when reading the playful poems contained within Kim Goldberg’s Devolution. In this surreal collection of poems and fables you’ll find absurdities that bounce between the personal and the political – with commentaries on the environment, our society and urbanization. Where businessmen are crows, where towns are not as they seem when the sun goes down, and where the human body must morph to access the darkest of places.
Float and Scurryby Heather Birrell (Anvil Press)In need of a laugh or at least a bit of levity right now? Heather Birrell’s Float and Scurry paints a picture of just how far we’re willing to go to see love and friendship persevere, and how to embrace the odd and live with meaning during dark and troubling times. Expect fun cameos from Mr. T, Joni Mitchell, and Fidel Castro, among others.* * *Find these books and more available for online purchase and delivery on All Lit Up!Read on for more from our Off/Kilter column>>