Must Read: Seven Book-to-Movie Adaptions

Discover our ALU Guide of book-turned-movie adaptations! Why not read these titles before watching them online! Read on to see where you can stream these wonderful book adaptations.  


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(ECW Press) is electrifying science fiction thriller in which an epidemic virus terrorizes the earth. This terrifying narrative is perfect for those who are ready to explore their darkest secret imaginings through a sinister and compelling literary work of art. Stream now on Amazon Prime.
Scarborough (Arsenal Pulp Press) offers a raw yet empathetic glimpse into a troubled community that locates its dignity in unexpected places: a neighbourhood that refuses to be undone. Stream now on Crave.


(Arsenal Pulp Press) is a graphic novel about growing up, falling in love, and coming out. Blue Is the Warmest Color is a brilliant, bittersweet, lesbian love story that crackles with the energy of youth, rebellion, and desire. Purchase/Rent on: Cineplex, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Apple TV.
(Anvil Press) is an offbeat tale, accented along the way by murder, strange fingernail collections, and the occasional blast from a treasured alphorn.A capricious comedy of errors, Small Apartments resonates with tremulous energy and quirky characters. Purchase/Rent on: Cineplex, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Apple TV.
Peace by Chocolate (Goose Lane Editions) is the story of one family. It is also the story of the people of Antigonish, Nova Scotia, and so many towns across Canada, who welcomed strangers and helped them face the challenges of settling in an unfamiliar land. Purchase/Rent on: Cineplex, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Apple TV.
And the Birds Rained Down (Coach House Books) is a novel about two octogenarians determined to live out the rest of their lives on their own terms but their solitude is disrupted by the arrival of a photographer searching for survivors of a series of catastrophic fires and an elderly escapee from a psychiatric institution. Purchase/Rent on: Cineplex, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Apple TV.

Upcoming Book-to-Movie Adaptation 

 (Book*Hug Press) is a collection of short stories that probe the complexities of living as a woman in a skewed society. Quirky, intelligent, and darkly comic, this collection is a high wire balance of levity and gravity, finding the extraordinary in common experiences.

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