Literary Awards Hangover: 2017 Edition

It’s hard to believe that we’ve had more hangovers than we’ve had birthdays, but here we are – our fourth-annual Literary Awards Hangover. With an ice-pack to our noggins and a strong cup of coffee, we scoured our shelves for the next book to chase the fiction nominees we grew to love this national literary awards season (but none more so than The Water BeetlesUncertain Weights and MeasuresBad Endings, and I Am a Truck). 


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Navigating our independent follow-up picks for this year’s nominees is a lot easier than navigating your way back from post-award festivities: just click the covers you’d like to know more about. “The “Low” The Water Beetles “Uncertain “Every “Motherwild” “The “Singkil” “Welcome “Through “Bad “A “A “What “Wrist” “I “Chris “The “And * * *If this isn’t recommendation enough, our list of award nominees and winners from 2017 is available right here.