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Gods of the Hammer

By Geoff Pevere

'Teenage Head changed the face of music in this country. I would not be who I am today without their first record . .. In 1979 they were the only band that mattered. ’—Hugh Dillon

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, no Canadian band rocked harder, louder or to more hardcore ... Read more

Perfect Youth

By Sam Sutherland

While many volumes devoted to the punk and hardcore scenes in America grace bookstore shelves, Canadaӳ contributions to the genre remain largely unacknowledged. For the first time, the birth of Canadian punkء transformative cultural force that spread across the country ... Read more

Punk Rock Fun Time Activity Book

By Aye Jay
Foreword by Steven Blush

Fasten your safety pins and spike your mohawks for another round of pop culture activity fun! Aye Jay, creator of the Gangsta Rap Coloring Book and the Heavy Metal Fun Time Activity Book (ECW 2007), takes on punk with mosh-worthy results. This activity book will challenge kids ... Read more

Treat Me Like Dirt

By Liz Worth
Edited by Gary Pig Gold

This gritty chronicle illustrates the emergence of punk rock in Toronto for the first time. The visionary bands that brought the original scene to life — and who still maintain loyal fans across North America — are documented in detail, from the Diodes, Viletones, and Teenage ... Read more

Trouble in the Camera Club

By Don Pyle
Introduction by Steven Leckie

?Trouble in the Camera Club features over 300 photographs by Don Pyle and another 200 images of related ephemera from the earliest days of Toronto’s punk music scene, featuring early gigs by Toronto bands like The Viletones, Teenage Head, The Curse, The Diodes, and The Ugly, ... Read more