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A Generous Latitude

By Lenea Grace


Lenea Grace’s debut collection maps a series of relationships within a greater exploration of Canadiana, barreling through shield and crag, river and slag. A Generous Latitude is not afraid of beer, bears, internal rhyme, David Hasselhoff, sediment, or sentiment. It does, ... Read more


By Genni Gunn

In Accidents, her third collection of poems, Genni Gunn takes us on a roller coaster ride through past and present in different continents, to explore the various upheavals that alter our lives. From her birthplace in Trieste, where she attempts to unravel the mysterious lives ... Read more


By Laila Malik

The islands of an archipelago are isolated above sea level but attached underwater; connected yet separate. archipelago, the debut poetry collection from Laila Malik, traces fragments of family, becoming and unbecoming against the shifting shorelines of loss, multigenerational ... Read more


By Adrian De Leon
Photographs by Jason Edward Pagaduan

As beautiful and varied as an archipelago, barangay is an elegant new collection of poetry from Adrian De Leon that gathers in and arranges the difficult pieces of a scattered history. While mourning the loss of his grandmother who "lived, loved and grieved in three languages," ... Read more

Black Liquor

By Dennis E. Bolen

Dennis E. Bolen’s Black Liquor continues his exploration of modern disconnection and the disparate paths taken by those railing against the austere landscape of their lives.

Imbued with lyrical evocations of lost childhood, mature love and deep friendship contrasted against ... Read more

Blood Rises

By David Haskins

The past infuses the present in the poems gathered in this collection. Painting a transformative Southeast wind helps restore a culture to a decimated people. Everyday events trigger a yearning for love from those already departed. A goldfish experiences poetry for the first ... Read more

Book of Places

By Yvonne Blomer

In Book of Places, Yvonne Blomer draws us along for a cycling journey spanning decades and countries. From a solitary traffic controller on a lonely Nevada highway, to the quizzical regulars of a dodgy pub in the UK, we follow Blomer’s meandering path through snapshots ... Read more