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Home by the Sea

By Paul Savoie

A car skids off a fog-covered road and rolls over. A woman emerges and helps her badly wounded husband out of the wrecked vehicle. Together they make their way down a narrow path which leads them to a large house near the sea, where are playing and friendly people welcome them ... Read more


By Corey Redekop


An outlandishly funny, unambiguously bloody novel about fame, love, religion, politics, and appetite

It is one thing to die, alone and confused, trapped with your pants down around your ankles in the filthiest bus restroom in existence. It’s quite another thing to wake up ... Read more

One Bloody Thing After Another

By Joey Comeau

At turns heartwarming and horrifying, this strange and funny novel deals with the terror of losing oneÓ³ family and the extreme measures people will take to hold on. Jackie and her crush, Ann, both have odd family situations: JackieÓ³ mother, although dead from cancer, is ... Read more


By Tony Burgess

In the sleepy town of Pontypool, Ontario, no one is safe from an epidemic so devastating it will leave you literally speechless.


By RM Vaughan

Spells is a violent coming-of-age story set in suburban Canada in the 1970`s. Andy Loch, a chubby 14-year-old, is obsessed with witchcraft and the occult. Convinced that occult forces curse his family, and that he himself possesses supernatural abilities, the boy dabbles in black ... Read more

The Haunted Hillbilly

By Derek McCormack

A comic book in words, episodic and eerie, The Haunted Hillbilly is a carnivalesque thrill-ride that reads both like a vintage 1950s issue of Tales from the Crypt and a 21st century re-imagining of Michael Ondaatje’s The Collected Works of Billy the Kid. The Haunted Hillbilly ... Read more

The How Did You Die? Show

By Lisa-Scarlett Cruji

The “How Did You Die?” Show is not a show about death, but very much a show about life. These are not descriptions of literal deaths caused by a heartbreaking bodily disease or a tragic road accident, but are examples of the small, metaphorical deaths that human beings experience ... Read more

The Plague

By Kevin Chong

A modern retelling of the Camus classic that posits its story of infectious disease and quarantine in our contemporary age of social justice and rising inequity.

At first it's the dead rats; they start dying in cataclysmic numbers, followed by other city creatures. Then people ... Read more