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The Imago Stage

By Karoline Georges
Translated by Rhonda Mullins
Read by Adrienne Wilson


A woman must emerge from the virtual world she’s created to confront her flesh-and-blood past and family.

Growing up with a menacing drunk for a father and a grief-stricken mother, a girl spends her 1980s childhood staring at the television to escape the tension, depression, ... Read more

The Limitless Sky

By Christina Kilbourne

Rook and Gage live worlds apart — but somehow they must find a way to help one another survive.

Trapped in a life she didn’t choose, Rook struggles to find meaning in her appointed role as an apprentice Keeper of ArHK. Even though her mam soothes her with legends of the ... Read more

The Marrow Thieves

By Cherie Dimaline

Winner of the 2017 Governor General's Literary Award (Young People's Literature - Text)
Winner of the 2017 Kirkus Prize
Winner of the 2018 Sunburst Award
Winner of the 2018 Amy Mathers Teen Book Award
Winner of the 2018 Burt Award for First Nations, Inuit and Métis Young Adult ... Read more

The Meadowlands

By Kate Kelly

The Meadowlands is a young adult dystopian fantasy following the adventures of four children who come from a near future dominated by institutions, technology, and state control. Children are raised in state homes and have no concept of family, with the exception of Terran and ... Read more

The Petting Zoos

By K.S. Covert

In a virus-fearing world, skin hunger can drive you crazy — and human petting zoos can return you to yourself.

Ten years after the deadly virus nicknamed Henny Penny, the world has largely recovered — there’s an interim government as well as law and order, and life is ... Read more

The Plague

By Kevin Chong

A modern retelling of the Camus classic that posits its story of infectious disease and quarantine in our contemporary age of social justice and rising inequity.

At first it's the dead rats; they start dying in cataclysmic numbers, followed by other city creatures. Then people ... Read more

The Rage Room

By Lisa de Nikolits

What if you made the worst mistake of your life and got the chance to fix it? Only you made it so much worse? From the incomparable crafter of nine cross-genre works of fiction, Lisa deNikolits expands her horizons to pen a grab-you-by-the-throat, feminist speculative-fiction ... Read more

The Sanguinaires

By Gabriel Verveniotis

The Sanguinaires, Or What I Hate Most About Everything deals with death, depression, anxiety and the perpetual paranoia that plagues a fringe minority of diagnosed Sanguinaires, who find themselves resistant to their meds and violently in need of talking about the Event. Was ... Read more