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All Violet

By Rani Rivera

The posthumous poetry journal of Rani Rivera, Toronto's champion of mental health advocacy and harm reduction.In ALL VIOLET, a young woman chronicles the experience of living on the margins, in spaces and places where body and mind are flayed by guilt, disappointments and betrayals. ... Read more

Anatomy of an Injury

By Myna Wallin

Bringing together the themes of death, of gender and sexuality, the poet creates a speaker whose language and experience, linked from poem to poem, reflects the true complexity of a woman's perspective. Death is a prevalent theme; anxiety, fear and paranoia simmer throughout ... Read more

Ash Steps

By M Travis Lane

M. Travis Lane's fourteenth poetry title is a meditation on loss and reorientation, continuity and memory. Widowhood and mortality are at the centre of this quiet collection, but fear and self-pity are not to be found here: only a clear-eyed coming-to-terms. Lane's metaphors ... Read more


By Clea Roberts

Whether speaking of erotic love, domestic life, spiritual wilderness, or family entanglements, the poems of Auguries, the much-anticipated second collection from Yukon poet Clea Roberts, are saturated with their northern landscape. Roberts is well versed in the distances and ... Read more

Bee Garden

By Marilyn Gear Pilling

At the heart of this luminous collection, Pilling's fifth, is a searing sequence of poems tracing a family's grief at the suicide of a girl on the threshhold of womanhood: daughter, sister, niece, about-to-be-aunt. Yet in these, as in all of the poems, what comes through is ... Read more

Brace Yourselves

By Rocco De Giacomo

Brace Yourselves is, in part, a language experiment with poems assembled from internet material then juxtaposed with confessional pieces de Giacomo uses to come to terms with fatherhood in the new millennium and the death of parents and friends. Brace Yourselves consists of ... Read more

Cantos from a Small Room

By Robert Hilles

In his seventh book of poetry, Hillies describes his feelings of affection and admiration for his mother-in-law, and the sense of loss the family experienced upon her death of cancer in her middle years. An astounding collection of poems, Cantos from a Small Room won the Governor ... Read more