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Book Ends

By Naomi Beth Wakan

Everyone's favourite "old biddy from Gabriola Island," Naomi Beth Wakan, captures a year of her obsessive reading in her new collection Book Ends: A year between the covers. This lively conversation covers almost every genre?fiction, essays, poetry, biography, science and the ... Read more


By Naomi Beth Wakan

In this witty and energetic collection, Naomi Beth Wakan explores all aspects of writing ? from the movement of inspiration to the art of the back cover endorsement. In between, she considers censorship, why she can't write a murder mystery, and how to introduce children to ... Read more

Dany Laferrire

Edited by Lee Skallerup Bissette

This collection of essays looks at the body of work of Quebec writer Dany Laferrière, including his notorious first novel, Comment faire l'amour avec un Nègre sans se fatiguer, through a variety of critical and analytic lenses. Issues such as identity, privilege, memory, exile ... Read more

Deactivated West 100

By Don McKay

Deactivated West 100 is Don McKay’s latest set of variations on a poetics of place. Armed with lunch and relevant reading material, McKay invites us to join him on Vancouver Island for a series of explorations that depend on first losing our way. In the spirit of Vis à Vis ... Read more

Empire of Desire

By Thierry Hentsch
Translated by Fred A. Reed

Empire of Desire, the second volume of Thierry Hentsch’s epic survey of the formative texts of the Western narrative tradition, completes the work he began in the first: Truth or Death. It traces western civilization’s quest for immortality across a further four centuries—from ... Read more

Erotics of Restraint, The

By Douglas Glover

Why do we read? What do we cherish in a book? What is the nature of a masterpiece? What do Alice Munro, Albert Camus, and the great Polish experimentalist Witold Gombrowicz have in common? In the tradition of Nabokov, Calvino, and Kundera, Douglas Glover’s new essay collection ... Read more

Gutenberg’s Fingerprint

By Merilyn Simonds


An intimate narrative exploring the past, present, and future of books

Four seismic shifts have rocked human communication: the invention of writing, the alphabet, mechanical type and the printing press, and digitization. Poised over this fourth transition, e-reader in one ... Read more