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'da Kink in my hair

By Trey Anthony
Foreword by Djanet Sears

Set in a West Indian hair salon in Toronto, da Kink in my hair gives voice to a group of women who tell us their unforgettable, moving, and often hilarious stories. Mixing laughter and tears—and told in words, music, and dance—the stories explore the hardship, struggles, ... Read more

A Man A Fish

By Donna-Michelle St. Bernard

Prosper is a fisherman trying to get by in the face of everyday problems: there’s the spectre of the baby his wife desires, the ghost of his dead mistress, his wife’s secret admirer, and the overwhelming lure of the village bar. When a slippery eel salesman arrives in town ... Read more

A Tree for Poverty

By Margaret Laurence
Introduction by Donex Xiques

Originally published in a small edition in 1954, A Tree for Poverty was Margaret Laurence`s first published book. In this new edition, Laurence`s collection of Somali poems and stories is accompanied with a discussion of her life in Africa and her in-depth investigation of the ... Read more

African-Canadian Theatre

Edited by Maureen Moynagh

Critical Perspectives on Canadian Theatre in English sets out to make the best critical and scholarly work in the field readily available. The series publishes the work of scholars and critics who have traced the coming-into-prominence of a vibrant theatrical community in English ... Read more

Afrika, Solo

Edited by Ric Knowles

In Afrika Solo, Djanet Sears follows her roots back four hundred years to Africa to find a missing link. In a piece that changes time frames, sings, dances, and collides with pop-culture references, Sears explores home, heritage, and identity, in this fast-paced, potent play. ... Read more

Against the Hard Angle

By Matt Robinson

The two sections that comprise matt robinson’s fourth full-length volume of poetry, Against the Hard Angle, though disparate in terms of form ? the first consisting primarily of a long poem; the other a collection of shorter lyrical pieces ? nonetheless share a common concern ... Read more


By Joseph Jomo Pierre
Introduction by Philip Akin

Joseph Jomo Pierre's world is one of fatherless children, where boys turn to drugs and guns while girls turn to motherhood at the blink of an eye, where the colour of your skin dictates the course your life will take, where your brothers are as likely to pull you back down, ... Read more

Canticles I

By George Elliott Clarke

Book I of The Canticles puts into dialogue -- as dramatic monologues -- those who fostered the transatlantic slave trade, or who demonized the image of the Negro in the Occident; as well as those who struggled for liberation and/or anti-racism. In this work, Dante can critique ... Read more