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Actor Needs Restraint!

By Andy Jones

Three plays from the repertoire of iconic Newfoundland and Labrador playwright, actor, and member of the groundbreaking Newfoundland comedy troupe CODCO, Andy Jones.

Based on Jones' well-known epistolary radio series, An Evening with Uncle Val is a set of comic reportages from ... Read more

Impressions of Newfoundland

By (photographer) Ting Ting Chen

Showcasing Newfoundland’s landscape and people in a fine art approach and discover the stories behind the images.

Impressions of Newfoundland showcases the selected works of photographer Ting Ting Chen’s fine art Newfoundland landscape photos and fine art portraits of Newfoundlanders. ... Read more

Mischief in High Places

By Ted Rowe

Mischief in High Places examines the spectacular career and personal life of the man who, in 1919, became the first elected prime minister of Newfoundland.

The political successes of Sir Richard Squires' career are overshadowed by a legacy of scandal and deceit that paved the ... Read more

My Best Friend Was Angela Bennett

By Suzanne L. Hillier

It's 1942, and the Nazi Juggernaut continues to crush Europe, while on the island of Newfoundland the loss of a generation awaits. Two girls who are best friends heading into their last year of high school visit a local park?and their lives are changed forever. The beautiful, ... Read more

Sheilagh's Brush

By Maura Hanrahan


"Maura Hanrahan writes powerfully of the pain and joy of motherhood and ultimately delivers a mighty portrait of women’s lives writ large across the blue of sea and sky. I read it in great gulps. ”—Erica Eisdorfer, ... Read more

The Gull Workshop and Other Stories

By Larry Mathews

The Gull Workshop is a collection of stories that features a unique combination of thematic seriousness and comic style.

The characters in The Gull Workshop are often in search of something—call it authenticity, a basis for living a meaningful life, or leave it unnamed. However ... Read more