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Eyes in Front When Running

By Willow Kean

This defiant and unapologetically sardonic debut novel explores the collision between fear and longing.

Eyes in Front When Running is a quick-witted family drama that uses humour to tackle heavy topics, such as the crumbling of a relationship, miscarriage, abortion, infertility, ... Read more

League of the Star

By N. R. Cruse

At the dawn of the French revolution, masses of hungry peasants burn the chateaux of aristocrats throughout France. After the death of his estranged family, an 18 year-old nobleman, the Marquis Marcel de la Croix, is forced to raise the royalist banner, despite his own revolutionary ... Read more

Matisse: The Only Blue

By Laura Marello

Matisse: The Only Blue interweaves scenes from the second half of artist Henri Matisse's life in the south of France (1907-1954), with reflections on his artwork. The work explores: artistic creation and community, love and betrayal, landscape, home and exile, family, and war. ... Read more


Edited by Lorna Jane Harvey

An inspiring and timely collection of stories about migration, written from twenty women’s perspectives.

Somewhere is an inspiring collection of stories about migration. Written from twenty women’s perspectives, it brings a refreshing and uniting voice to this compelling ... Read more

The House of Izieu

By Jan Rehner

The House of Izieu is a novel inspired by the life and experiences of Sabine Zlatin who, as a Jew using a fake identity, managed to find families to care for Jewish children who were in French refugee camps. She created a safe home for a number of other children called "The House ... Read more