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Bedlam Cowslip

By Jeanette Lynes

Winner of the 2016 Saskatchewan Arts Board Poetry Award

In this collection Jeanette Lynes' follows in the tradition of Michael Ondaatje's The Collected Works of Billy the Kid. In Bedlam Cowslip, she turns her attention to the life and work of John Clare, the great Victorian poet ... Read more

Do or Die

By Barbara Fradkin

Fans of Louise Penny and Michael Connelly, meet exasperating homicide detective Michael Green in this gripping police procedural.

Ottawa homicide inspector Michael Green is absolutely obsessed with his job, a condition that has almost ruined his marriage several times. When ... Read more


By Michael Redhill

Winner of the Best of the Edinburgh Fringe Prize

Althea: Do you believe in your own death? Every moment you are alive is endless and the present goes on and on with you inside it. Of course the end is truly coming, but it’s so far off, and in the meantime the spring bulbs need ... Read more

Lucy and Bonbon

By Don LePan

Probing the question: "Are we ready to accept a human-ape hybrid in our midst?"

What if humans were able to reproduce with other great apes? What would the hybrid offspring look like? Act like? Think like? And how would humans respond? Would such creatures be allowed to live ... Read more


By Nasser Hussain

Poems written only from three-letter airport codes demand a new kind of passport. Every major airport has a three-letter code from the International Air Transport Association. In perhaps history's greatest-ever feat of armchair travel, Nasser Hussain has written a collection ... Read more

tattered coat upon a stick, A

By Christopher Levenson

A tattered coat upon a stick represents both a summing-up and a continued breaking of new ground by a distinguished poet still at the top of his game after a long career. This full-bodied, symphonically-arranged collection encompasses Levenson's early years in England, a sequence ... Read more

The Cure for Everything

By Maja Ardal

Elsa is a typical fifteen-year-old growing up in the early 1960s. Her world revolves around independence, boys, and being popular at school, despite growing concerns surrounding the Cuban missile crisis. In fact, this is Elsa's opportunity to let loose before the world blows ... Read more

The Hungry Grass

By A. Mary Murphy

This book tells a story that nobody knows because at the time the story happened, nobody cared. The individual lives of the labouring Irish were unrecorded, irrelevant. The Hungry Grass weaves the threads of daily routine, annual cycles, religious faith, fairy belief, communal ... Read more