Just the Thing: Books to go with those lottery tickets & gift cards

Our final Just the Thing picks are dedicated to the giftees on your list who believe in gambler’s fallacy and scoff at the idea of Dry January.


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From now until Dec 7, we’ve got 20 books that are Just the Thing to round out your gifts.Dying for a Drink: How a Prohibition Preacher Got Away With Murder by Patrick Brode (Biblioasis) Make the chaser on the liquor store gift card for that whisky-sipping friend who can whip up an Old Fashioned faster than you can say nightcap, Patrick Brode’s absorbing tale of Windsor, Ontario’s Prohibition-era past. Serving up the chilling story of Reverend J.O.L. Spracklin who was acquitted after he shot and killed a barkeep in a notorious Windsor roadhouse in 1920, Dying for a Drink is a fascinating exploration of this dry period in Ontario’s history, full of fire-and-brimstone preachers, rum runners, and politicians and lawyers who had their hand in making it. Your giftee will surely enjoy a fat bottle of legal hooch with this rollicking prohibition tale.
Closer: Notes from the Orgasmic Frontier of Female Sexuality by Sarah Barmak (Coach House Books) For that friend whose app rotation includes at least one lottery app, gift them the instant-gratification of journalist Sarah Barmak’s Closeran insightful sex-positive read about redefining female sexuality, pleasure, and rethinking what’s “normal,” using a blend of reportage, interview, and first-person reflection. Hear us out: even if your giftee doesn’t hit it big on those scratch-and-wins, gifting them a copy of Closer ensures they still get lucky. * * *
Score yourself a set of our exclusive holiday cards for FREE when you purchase either (or both!) of these books until Dec 20th. Not seeing what you need yet? Check out more #ALUJTT picks until Dec 7th.