Just the Thing: Books to go with those gardening tools & plants

If your green-thumb giftee is starting to feel the winter blahs from spending too much time indoors, complete the gift with these book recommendations that will remind them of brighter days spent exploring nature and tending the sun-warmed soils of their beloved gardens and flowerbeds.


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From now until Dec 7, we’ve got 20 books that are Just the Thing to round out your gifts.Euclid’s Orchard & Other Essays by Theresa Kishkan (Mother Tongue Publishing) For that one friend who can tell you the Latin name of any species of plant, flower or tree in sight, Theresa Kishkan’s Euclid’s Orchard & Other Essays is just the thing to complete that perfect green gift. Natural history and family mythology collide to tell the story of Kishkan’s BC roots. The result is a song of home and place that, while unique to the author, is a tune guaranteed to carry the reader to a familiar place of their own.  
Lightfield: The Photography of Thaddeus Holownia by Peter Sanger (Gaspereau Press)Have a horticulturally handy person in your life that isn’t afraid to get a little bit of dirt on their hands while taking care of their own backyard landscaping? Add a bit of inspiration to their gift this season with Peter Sanger’s Lightfield: The Photography of Thaddeus Holownia. In this celebration of the acclaimed New Brunswick photographer’s life and work, Sanger takes us further into the discussion around Holownia’s diverse oevre—much of which is inspired by the nature found in his own backyard. This book provides insight and perspective on the subject of Holownia’s work as an art form that roots us permanently in the present and reveals the kaleidoscope of shapes, forms, and meanings that make up the world around us.* * *
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