In Review: The Week of November 27th

This week we brought you book picks from some of the coolest authors around to help you find the best book gifts, spilled the holiday beans about Bingemas, and upped our book-safety knowledge.


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On the Blog

~ We nursed our literary awards hangover with more lit.~ Our annual Gift Guide Week gave us book picks from our authors Dina Del Bucchia, Matthew Heiti, and Canisia Lubrin for everyone from best friends to neighbours.~ We’re coining this holiday Bingemas and bringing 20 book recommendations for all the pop-culture enthusiasts out there.

Around the Web

~ Some homeowners in Japan are making sure their books are safe with these earthquake-proof bookshelves.~ On the theme of book safe-keeping, check out these tips from a rare books expert to keep your books looking great.~ “Complicit” is’s word of 2017 because…2017.

What Else We’re Reading

Women’s stories are important to us all year round, but with the #MeToo March this weekend we’re showing solidarity in more ways than one and taking in Michelle Hattingh’s I’m the Girl Who Was Raped (Inanna Publications).