In Review: The Week of April 2nd

We started off this month with Poetry Cure, a series dedicated to poetry as self-care, revisited some historical literary movements (postmodernism, what’s up), and cheered for some indie presses that made the 2018 Alberta Literary Awards shortlist. 


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On the Blog

Our weekly dose of Poetry Cure included interviews + poems from~ What the Soul Doesn’t Want (Freehand Books)~ Indianland (ARP Books)~ The News (Gaspereau Press)~ Catherine Graham & The Celery Forest (Wolsak & Wynn)~ Pino Coluccio & Class Clown (Biblioasis)

Around the Web

~ These popular song titles were reimagined as books and we would definitely read them all, especially David Bowie’s Space Oddity.~ Brush up on your literary history with this pocket guide to 10 literary movements.~ Both Coach House Books and Talonbooks made the 2018 Alberta Literary Awards shortlist with Suzette Mayr’s Dr. Edith Vane and the Hares of Crawley Hall and Joshua Whitehead’s full-metal indiqueer, respectively.

What Else We’re Reading

Julia is reading Jónína Kirton’s An Honest Woman (Talonbooks) on her commute: “I’m sure people have been looking at me strangely every time I gasp, but I can’t glance away from the page for even a second to notice. Some of the poems end sharply, with a punch; some deliberately leave me searching for the next line; others show the repetition of heartbreaking cycles of violence and oppression, but offer a portrayal of resilience, too.
Mother grabs my elbow, pulls me closer, looks at father,
whispers: Don’t embarrass your husband. Sit DOWN! 
I walk out.Alone.Welcome to marriage, daughter. Welcome!