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Goodness knows we’re readers here at All Lit Up, but we’ve been known to dip into cool podcast waters from time to time. Maybe you share some of our faves? We’ve got three perfect, ad-free books to read while you’re waiting for that next episode.


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Podcast lovers, behold: the books you can use to fuel your audio obsessions. We matched up some podcast favourites Guys We F#@$!dMissing & Murdered: Finding Cleo, and The Adventure Zone.
Guys We F#@$!d = = = Closer by Sarah Barmak (Coach House Books)The super sex-positive Guys We F#@$!d podcast is the podcastiverse’s answer to a world where girls are punished for wearing spaghetti straps in school and women are shamed for wanting sex and not wanting it. We love Closer as a match for fans of Corinne and Krystyna: Sarah Barmak takes it one step “closer” – assuming that women are more sexually liberated than ever, are they more sexually satisfied? Closer sort of mirrors the podcast format, too: a short read clocking at just under 170 pages, you’ll get the same instant-gratification knowledge and talking points for your next dinner party (one with very, very cool people at it, obviously).
Missing & Murdered: Finding Cleo = = = Ohpikiihaakan-Ohpihmeh: Raised Somewhere Else by Colleen Cardinal (Roseway Publishing, forthcoming)CBC Investigative Reporter Connie Walker hosts the in-depth and harrowing podcast Missing & Murdered: Finding Cleo, taking up the search for the truth started by Cleo Semaganis’ siblings to find their sister. At nine, Cleo had been kidnapped by children’s services as part of the 1960s and 70s “Sixties Scoop” and adopted out to a family in Arkansas, only to be found assaulted and murdered at the side of the road after running away. Colleen Cardinal’s memoir Ohpikiihaakan-Ohpihmeh tells a survivor’s tale of the Scoop: Cardinal survived kidnapping, abuse, and neglect to reconnect with her Nehiyaw Iskwew heritage later in life. Read Cardinal’s empowering journey as a balm for the heartbreak you’re sure to feel after Cleo.
The Adventure Zone = = = Course Correction by Doug Morrison (Stonehouse Publishing)If you listen to any or all of the McElroy brothers’ podcasts, you’ll know that with them comes a certain amount of inventive zaniness. We pair their Dungeons & Dragons podcast The Adventure Zone – where youngest brother Griffin Dungeon Masters a campaign for brothers Justin and Griffin, plus their dad – with Course Correction. While not a book about Dungeons & Dragons per se, Course Correction finds two travellers – a Canadian, Michael, and a Ukranian, Dmitri – interrupted by a hijacking and a subsequent chase from the Mafia. There are decidedly D&D elements here: teaming up with a stranger, danger at every turn, and a necessary combination of wiles, fortitude, and a lot of luck.* * *Press pause on those earbuds and get back to reading. For more If You Liked x, Read y, click here. (And check out our 2017 holiday recommendations for podcast listeners, too.)