Do-Lit-Yourself: Short Story Style w/ Wire Charm Bracelets

LPG Sales Manager Tan Light steps in to DLY a gorgeous, simple charm bracelet that – wait for it – expresses a key tenet of each of the six stories in our August book club pick, Cherie Dimaline’s A Gentle Habit (Kegedonce Press). Copy Tan, or learn how to bracelet-fy your own favourite short story collection, below.


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Do-Lit-Yourself is a column for book lovers with a crafty streak. This pinteresting monthly is (normally) written by LPG Education and Engagement manager Lauren Perruzza.While Lauren is traveling, I’ve stepped in to cover Do Lit Yourself this month. I’ve seen these wire charm bracelets on Pinterest a few times, and this month, I decided to let our Book Club pick, A Gentle Habit, inspire my first charm collection.I’ve used both store-bought and hand-made charms for this bracelet. Want to know how I made the book, bead and word charms?  For the rest, I went down to my local bead shop to look for a bone, a house key and a love charm. You’ll also need:
  • jewellery wire in a low gauge (14-18 would be ideal) – it’s usually sold in a spool
  • wire cutters/needlenose pliers
  • jump rings
How to make:Snip off a piece of jewellery wire that is one and a half loops long.
 Making the bracelet frame is really easy!On each cut end, bend about ¾ an inch out to the sides, and use your pliers to curl each end back toward the loop, but don’t close the curl fully yet. If you want to slip some beads on the wire directly, do it now (not pictured).To close the bracelet, slip the curl around the wire of the loop before closing.Then you will do the same on the other side, so that each end is curled around the main wire loop, forming an adjustable bangle. 
To add your charms, use coordinated jump rings to attach them to the main part of the bangle. Ta-da!
* * *Looking for more literary DIYs? Click here. And thanks to Tan for a fantastic, enviably beautiful craft!