Cover Collage – Turning our “Backs” on 2017

Fully embracing the “New Year, New Us” maxim that comes with the proverbial throwing our old dayplanners in the garbage, we’re turning our backs on the year we (mostly!) wish there weren’t with eight back-tastic book covers. 


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We can’t think of a better way to ring in 2018 than showing some of our best, most beautiful backs (and maybe even a butt – we’re looking at you, 2113) to the year that preceded it, 2017. We’ve got backs of all stripes, here: kids’ backs, political backs, backs in motion, backs in silhouette, and naked backs (did we mention the butt?).We promise you won’t want to see the backs of these back-led books, of which you’ll soon have a backlog…Backs.[Click on any of these covers to learn more about the books.]     “Clearwater”     “The     “2113”     “Hooker     “Gambling     “The     “Mostly     “The * * *For more Cover Collage, click here.