Cover Collage: Crowning Achievements

It’s Victoria Day, and we’re celebrating with these crown-clad covers (especially since some of them subvert those rah-rah Jubilee years).


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What does it mean to have a crown? Divine right to rule? Maybe. An excellent book to read? Absolutely.Some of these books take the traditional crown route – The Snow Queen recounts a classic fairy tale, for one – but others, like Dishonour of the Crown, talk about the abuses of power that have arisen (and continue to) through the monarchy. Then there’s Gary, whose moniker as “King of the Pickup Artists” is a bit of a misnomer.Crown your own bookshelf with one or all of these great reads – click the book images to find out more about them. The Snow Queen Dishonour of the Crown Kynship Christina, The Girl King Gary: King of the Pickup Artists * * *For more cover collage, click here.