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Matt Cahill

Matt Cahill is a Toronto-based author and psychotherapist. He writes novels, short fiction and essays, and has contributed work to Ryeberg, BlogTO and Torontoist. His short story, "Snowshoe," appeared in September 2014 with Found Press.

Is Wrestling Fixed? I Didn’t Know It Was Broken

By Bill Apter
Foreword by Jerry "The King" Lawler

The anticipated memoir from a sports entertainment fandom legend

As a kid growing up in New York in the late ’50s, Bill Apter fell in love with professional wrestling, and it wasn’t long before he was rubbing shoulders with the greats as a young reporter and photographer. ... Read more

The Society of Experience

By Matt Cahill

When his father - a distinguished writer - unexpectedly passes away, Derrick van der Lem's insulated world implodes, leaving a much stranger and crueler place than the one he knew. In the midst of his downward spiral, the mysterious Society of Experience asks him to take part ... Read more

Frances Backhouse

Frances Backhouse is the author of five books, including Children of the Klondike, winner of the 2010 City of Victoria Butler Book Prize. She is also a veteran freelance magazine writer and teaches creative nonfiction at the University of Victoria. She lives in Victoria, B.C. ...

Once They Were Hats

By Frances Backhouse

Finalist for the 2015 Lane Anderson Award and the 2016 Butler Book Prize

Discover deeper truths and quirky facts that cast new light on this keystone species

Beavers, those icons of industriousness, have been gnawing down trees, building dams, shaping the land, and creating critical ... Read more

National Treasure

By Lindsay Gibb

A celebration of Nicolas Cage — the man and the meme

Nicolas Cage: leading man or character actor? Action hero or goofball comedian? Internet joke or one of the greatest actors of his generation? Beyond the gif bait and easy punchline, Nicolas Cage continually frustrates easy ... Read more

Jules' Tools for Social Change: a Spring 2015 in review booklist

Welcome to this month’s edition of Jules’ Tools for Social Change, a column that features a book, author or publisher whose work deals with issues of race, gender, sexuality, ability, colonialism, economic justice, or other social justice topics.

Royal Mountain City Fugue

By Ian Orti

With his first short story collection, The Olive and the Dawn, earning comparisons to Ondaatje and Cohen, Ian Orti returns with his third book and second collection of short stories. Part myth-making, part art-in-the-act-of-forgetting, Royal Mountain City Fugue takes its cues ... Read more