Character Study: The Sisters of Sistering

Heather. Suzanne. Tina. Ashley. Meaghan. While this is not a reimagining of the Dionne Quintuplets (though Meaghan’s friend Riker would like it to be), the five sisters of Sistering by Jennifer Quist (Linda Leith Publishing) are likewise irrevocably in this life together.


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In Character Study, we’ll take a deeper look at one character from a book or series. Get to know the character–what they like, what they do, and, more importantly, what they read. If you’re intrigued, you can spend a little more time getting to know them by reading the book!
Meet the sisters of Sistering. Born to a travelling father and erratic mother, these now-grown women have always relied on each other despite wide age gaps, personality differences, and in-laws (or lack thereof). Their caper in Sistering begins when usually-perfect second sister Suzanne catastrophically mishandles a tragic accident, and they and the swath of people in their orbit (children, husbands, fiances) are all affected by what might happen next. While we can’t say if there are legal implications to Suzanne’s decision, we nonetheless imagined the sisters in their police line-up, all the same.Author Jennifer Quist switches deftly between the sisters’ individual perspectives, familiarizing the reader with each of their sacrifices and selfish moments, motivations, and insecurities. As each sister comes into focus in her siblings’ honest eye, we see how much we hide, even when a family is at its closest.Pick up this darkly funny novel if you want to get to know the sisters of Sistering a little better.