Character Study: Getting Huge

The hilarious-on-its-surface premise of John Young’s soon-to-be-released novel, Getting Huge (Guernica Editions), is that protagonist John Crackstone is obsessively growing pumpkins as big as he can. But the oddball plot perfectly complements the story’s raw, human telling: one where a marriage is on the rocks, and where a son desperately tries to live up to his father’s example – he himself also larger-than-life. It’s ripe for a screen adaptation, in other words; and author John Young dropped in with who he’d choose to play his characters.


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John Young’s Cast

John CrackstoneTo play the quirky, comic narrator of the 48-year-old, 6’11” tall Reverend John Crackstone, I’d choose Jason Segel for his lumbering movement, comic timing, and his height. He also just came off playing a therapist in Shrinking and demonstrated his ability to move between the comic and serious well.Nancy CrackstoneJohn’s wife is played by Amy Adams: someone who can look a little unkempt but can be pretty when dressed up — thinking of her in Hillbilly Elegy. She can also play the loving-but-tough life partner.Carol BakerThe alluring and athletic next-door neighbour and the subject of John’s frequent fantasies would be well played by Minka Kelly. In addition to her looks, she can play the tough-but-warm woman.John’s Father, William CrackstoneThe daunting and unimpeachable figurehead of the Crackstone family would be well played by Canadian actor Donald Sutherland. William was the highly regarded previous minister of the church before he brought John in.John’s Mother, Lillian CrackstoneHis very tall and loving mother, who has deferred to her husband for years, but also carries her own quiet strength, would be played by Allison Janney.John’s friend, Jack CorbettJohn’s good friend Jack, an out-of-work entrepreneur, would be played by the hapless and zany Ed Helms (The HangoverThe Office‘s Andy Bernard).

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Many thanks to John Young for casting his book Getting Huge (Guernica Editions) for us! As always, Character Study is just for fun… but we’d definitely pay to see this opening weekend (Hollywood, if you’re listening?).For more Character Study, click here.