Character Study: Bunny from Bunny and Shark

In this edition of Character Study, we examine why the protagonist of Alisha Piercy’s Bunny and Shark is smarter-than-your-average Bunny.


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In Character Study, we’ll take a deeper look at one character from a book or series. Get to know the character–what they like, what they do, and, more importantly, what they read. If you like them, spend a little more time getting to know them by reading the book!
Meet Bunny. Aging but not shy, cast off but not meek. This contemporary heroine finds herself scrambling – for designer goods, drinks, male attention – after she’s murderously pushed from a cliff by “the Bastard”, her (obviously former) lover and partner. Showing resourcefulness beyond what you might expect from an ex-Playboy bunny, Bunny survives her fall and begins life anew on their island, experiencing it not from the spoonfed luxury she’d come to know but from one of a renegade. Bunny steals dresses and breaks into unoccupied yachts. She seduces men in bars. She swims naked, her belongings wrapped around her body in sellotape, revelling in her own strength. In short, Bunny is a stone-cold badass.Find out more about Bunny in Bunny and Shark, by Alisha Piercy, published by BookThug.