Character Study: Bounty

Writer, journalist, and climate researcher Jason Pchajek dons our casting director’s cap to cast the film version of his cli-fi debut novel Bounty (Turnstone Press), where bounty hunter Nikos Wulf uncovers a dark plot in futuristic Winnipeg.

The cover of Jason Pchajek's Bounty, depicting a futuristic, neon cityscape. A robot figure stands at the end of a long tunnel lit a lurid neon red.


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Character Study

If Bounty were a movie, you’d have to get the atmosphere just right, balancing the quiet of the seedy, rain-soaked, neon-drenched streets of the sublevels in 2120s Winnipeg, with the clean solarpunk aesthetic of the surface world. You’d need to really hammer home the softer moments, where characters sit and talk, and the moments of levity where quips fly fast and free, with the bombastic action sequences and chase scenes, where characters tear through the environment, wreaking destruction in their wake. It’s like Marvel’s take on Bladerunner.

The Cast

Nikos Wulf – Oliver Jackson-Cohen

O.D.I.N – Matthew Mercer

Maria ‘Valkyrie’ Lindgren – Mackenzie Davis

Mackenzie ‘Strigi’ Nadeau – Martin Sensmeier

‘Trapper’ Nadeau – Jason Momoa

Castor Roy – Rahul Kohli

Prometheus – James Callis

Directed by: Denis Villeneuve

Looking at the totality of Villeneuve’s filmography, who else could I choose. He handled complex science fiction subject matter amazingly with Arrival, turned around a tense action thriller like Sicario (which has one of the best shot and composed shootouts in cinema history by the way), perfectly handled the cyberpunk genre with Bladerunner 2049, adapted the unadaptable in Dune, and crafted a heart-wrenching personal tale in Prisoners.

The man has handled so many different genres, and consistently created masterpieces that look and feel incredible to experience. Cinematography, shot composition, direction, lighting, effects, audio, all come together in Villeneuve’s work, and he is the maestro conducting his symphony.

If there was anyone to being Bounty to life on screen, I would pick him.

The Poster

A mock-up movie poster of Bounty by Jason Pchajek.

* * *

Jason Pchajek is a writer, journalist, radio host, and corporate researcher from Winnipeg, Manitoba. When not working on his next project, Jason spends his time reading, playing video games, and preparing for his next DnD session. Bounty is his debut novel.

* * *

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