Chappy Hour: The Dirty Sock + Rouge

ALU mixologist Tan Light whips up a drink to pair with the featured poem “Keele” from Adrian De Leon’s collection Rouge (Mawenzi House) – an homage to the TTC and Toronto’s east end. This cocktail might be called The Dirty Sock, but it definitely won’t taste like one – we promise!


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For the last Chappy Hour of 2018, join me on a ride through Toronto’s West End as we toast the TTC-inspired poems in Adrian de Leon’s Rouge. I was delighted to discover the Dirty Sock cocktail, a perfect pairing for the poem, Keele.The Cocktail(plain text to follow)
What You Need:1 1/2 oz. Scotch1 1/2 oz. Pineapple juiceIceWhat to Do:Add ice.Pour scotch and juice in a Collins glass.Stir gently.

The Poem

“Keele” from Rouge
Before your next refill starts to make you think your own socks are starting to talk to you, Rouge. * * *For more drinks and poetry, click here for more Chappy Hour.