Chappy Hour: Red Wine Hot Chocolate + Belly Full of Rocks

Q. What does a chilly Friday in make? A. An evening in, with this Red Wine Hot Chocolate cocktail and Tyler B. Perry’s poetry collection A Belly Full of Rocks (Oolichan Books), a reimagining of popular fairy tales that may be dark, but far from Grimm.


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In Belly Full of Rocks, (Oolichan Books) Tyler B. Perry takes familiar characters from fairy tales, and presents them anew, struggling with modern life and their traditional roles. As Little Red appears throughout the collection, I thought it best to incorporate some big red flavour into the soothing familiar comfort of homemade hot chocolate. 

The Cocktail

The Book

If your eyelids haven’t yet drooped from this cozy cocktail, might we suggest reading the long excerpt of this fantastic poem (and maybe even check out the entire collection, if that’s your thing)?* * *If this is a “two drink minimum” kind of day, check out more Chappy Hour, here.