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Hollow Water

By Pete Sarsfield

Hollow Water is a follow-up to Sarsfield's popular Running with the Caribou and is told in the same intimate style that made his first book a popular seller.

Island of the Human Heart

By Laurie Gough

Thomas Cook/Daily Telegraph Travel Book Award Finalist. Foreword Magazine’s Silver Medal for Best U. S. Travel Book. This first book by Laurie Gough is a diary of her journeys in Fiji, New Zealand, Malaysia, Bali, Italy, Morocco and North America.

Nobody Rides for Free

By John Hughes

Nobody Rides For Free: A Drifter in the Americas chronicles former bike courier John Hughes' rambles through Latin America on a bicycle. In this gripping mosaic-travellogue, readers are introduced to banditos, artists, grifters, would-be wives, dope fiends and attacking monkeys: ... Read more

Ready to Come About

By Sue Williams

Three hundred nautical miles from shore, I‘m cold and sick and afraid. I pray for reprieve. I long for solid ground. And I can‘t help but ask myself, What the hell was I thinking?

When Sue Williams set sail for the North Atlantic, it wasn’t a mid-life crisis. She had no ... Read more

Touch the Dragon

By Karen Connelly

New material including photos, maps and an afterword by Karen Connelly is included in this new format edition of her 1993 Governor General’s Award-winning classic, Touch the Dragon: A Thai Journal. At the age of 17, the adventure-seeking Calgary teenager went to Thailand on ... Read more

Walking Backwards

By Mark Frutkin

From Istanbul to New Delhi to Boulder, Colorado, through Venice, Paris, Rome, and points between.
As travellers, we are always walking backwards, forever on the verge of stepping into the unknown, never knowing what waits around the next corner.
You could be lost, forget your ... Read more

Zoroaster's Children

By Marius Kociejowski

Bringing together the best of Marius Kociejowski's travel writing Zoroaster's Children snags on the borderline between dream and meaning, offering unusual glimpses of some of the places, exotic or otherwise, the author has been. Attracted to society's outcasts—as it is these, ... Read more