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Dirty White Collar

By Julius Melnitzer

A fast-paced, shocking legal thriller. The world of international crime, drugs, and money laundering forms the backdrop to Dirty White Collar, a thriller that begins in a medium-security prison near Toronto and ends in Providenciales, the exotic Caribbean hideaway as famous ... Read more

Mr. Jones

By Margaret Sweatman

Winner, Margaret Laurence Award for Fiction
Shortlisted, McNally Robinson Book of the Year and Relit Award (Novel)

Award-winning author Margaret Sweatman has proven herself a virtuoso writer of historical fiction. Yet nothing she has written can prepare you for Mr. Jones.

Emmett ... Read more


By Justin Podur


Under the crushing weight of the siege of Gaza, Laila and Nasser are members of the Palestinian resistance fighting desperately to free their people. Together, they learn of a plan to unite the disparate Palestinian factions and break Israel’s siege. Unknown to them, Ari, ... Read more

Spy in My House

By Kenneth J. Langdon

This fast-paced spy novel featured Winston Spencer, a one-legged, ex-school teacher tricked by circumstances and the SIS into acting as "keeper" for a chess-crazed KGB defector. A Spy in My House is a cold-war spy novel set in Fredericton and Saint John, New Brunswick.

Tailings of Warren Peace

By Stephen Law

A corrupt mining company, repossessed gravestones, a man’s fractured past, mysterious notes posted to lampposts and murder deep in the highlands of Guatemala. In Tailings of Warren Peace, Stephen Law effortlessly weaves these elements into a powerful story of love and memory, ... Read more

This Marlowe

By Michelle Butler Hallett

Longlisted, 2018 International DUBLIN Literary Award
Long-shortlisted, 2017 ReLit Awards

"Complex, lyrical, and with a profound sense of a world long passed and humanity’s eternal motivations. " — Quill & Quire

"In Butler Hallett’s hands, Kit comes off as a fascinating and ... Read more