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Carl Dair and the Cartier Typeface

Edited by Kristine Tortora

This collection assembles all of the known correspondence of Canadian typographer and type designer Carl Dair (1912?67) concerning the conception, development and reception of his Cartier typeface. The letters span two decades, from Dair’s 1956?57 studies under the punchcutter ... Read more

Fragile and Fanciful

By Deborah Trask

In the last two decades of the 19th century and the first two decades of the 20th century, glass manufacturing was a unique enterprise in Canada. Beginning with the founding of the Nova Scotia Glass Company in 1881, the glass factories of Nova Scotia made clear tableware at ... Read more

Sixty Over Twenty

By Andrew Steeves

While immersed in the work of editing and publishing trade books at Gaspereau Press, Andrew Steeves has also produced an eclectic array of letterpress-printed, limited-edition books and broadsides. In this book he revisits sixty of these projects, chronicling the influence that ... Read more


By Eric Schmaltz

Where does the body go when we write to one another thru digital channels? How and what do we feel when information is realized through taps, clicks, and pressures? What happens to meaning within a digital economy when information is considered to be bodiless? Concerned with ... Read more