Zoroaster’s Children

By (author): Marius Kociejowski

Bringing together the best of Marius Kociejowski’s travel writing Zoroaster’s Children snags on the borderline between dream and meaning, offering unusual glimpses of some of the places, exotic or otherwise, the author has been. Attracted to society’s outcasts—as it is these, he argues, which point towards an underground of conformity that will not contain them—Kociejowski offers ain these essays glimpses of locales as diverse and seemingly divergent as Prague, Tunisia, Moscow, Aleppo and Toronto, among others. By turns empathetic and virtuosic, and always on the lookout for the deeper meaning seeded inside language, the essays in Zoroaster’s Children evince the deep absorption in people and places which is the hallmark of all great travel writers.


Marius Kociejowski

Marius Kociejowski was born and raised in Canada and now lives in England. A poet, essayist and travel writer, he is the author or four collections of poetry, The Street Philosoher and the Holy Fool, and is the editor of Syria Through Writers’ Eyes. He lives and works as a bookseller in London.


Praise for Zoroaster’s Children

“Poet and travel writer Kociejowski journeys widely and writes to ‘describe the world’ and make deeper inquiries into human nature … Highly recommended for its poetic presentation of experiences in different locations, this account is inspired by the past and a plethora of emotions.”Library Journal, Starred Review


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October 15, 2015





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