Youpi en vacances

By (author): Philip Roy

Illustrated by: Andrea Torrey Balsara

Translation into French of Ronsdale’s picture book Mouse Vacation. This will be
Book 4 of the series Youpi, la souris dans ma poche.

Dans ce quatrieme volume de la serie de livres ” Youpi, la souris dans ma poche,” Youpi et son ami humain Jean discutent de la destination de leur prochaine aventure.

Jean suggere une promenade dans la foret ou une visite au musee, mais ces activites sont trop ennuyeuses pour Youpi et sa soif d’aventure. Lorsque Youpi propose des vacances grandioses a New York, a Paris, en Egypte ou en Inde, Jean repond que ces endroits coutent trop cher et qu’ils devront faire des compromis. Finalement, Youpi et Jean embarquent pour un voyage de nuit en bus vers un port maritime afin de voir les grands voiliers, et Youpi est captivee par ces “fantomes du passe.” Andrea Torrey Balsara donne vie a la Tour Eiffel, au Taj Mahal, aux grandes pyramides et a d’autres lieux exotiques grace a 32 pages d’illustrations brillantes en pleine couleur.


Philip Roy

Philip Roy continues to travel back and forth between Nova Scotia and Ontario, keeping residence in both places. Whenever possible, he visits the places he writes about in the Submarine Outlaw series. From 1999 to 2001, he lived on the island of Saipan, which features in Ghosts of the Pacific. Recently, he travelled to India to research the fifth book in the series, Outlaw in India, and to South Africa for book six, Seas of South Africa. Book seven, Eco Warrior, will be set in Australia, which he has recently visited. Travelling makes for great adventure, Philip contends. The only thing better is writing about it and visiting schools to share the stories and research with young readers.


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32 Pages
9.07in * 10.32in * .34in


October 15, 2020


Ronsdale Press



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