Who Killed Janet Smith?

By (author): Edward Starkins

Introduction by: Daniel Francis

‘Who Killed Janet Smith?’ examines one of the most infamous and still unsolved murder cases in Canadian History: the 1924 murder of twenty-two-year-old Scottish nursemaid Janet Smith. Originally published in 1984, and out of print for over a decade, this tale of intrigue, racism, privilege, and corruption in high places as a true-crime recreation that reads like a complex thriller.

We are pleased to be reissuing this title as part of the City of Vancouver’s Legacy Book Project.

“… drug traffic, Roaring Twenties hedonism, official corruption, cutthroat competition among newspapers, a public taste for occultism, etc.- and entrust the whole works to a good storyteller, and you have one terrific political history of Vancouver.” – Geist Magazine

“Starkins cuts away at the layers with the delicacy of a neurosurgeon. What he uncovers almost defies belief.” – Quill & Quire


Edward Starkins

Edward Starkins is a graduate of San Diego State University with degrees in English literature and psychology. His long-time interest in British Columbia history includes contributions to ‘Raincoast Chronicles’, ‘The Greater Vancouver Book’, ‘Vancouver Magazine’, the ‘Vancouver Sun’, and ‘West Side Week’ as well as numerous projects undertaken for the National Film Board of Canada, CBC Radio, and British Columbia History Films. A former editor of the ‘Vancouver Review’, Starkins is the author of several radio and film scripts.


Daniel Francis

Daniel Francis served as the editor for The Encyclopedia of British Columbia, which won the Roderick Haig-Brown Regional Prize and the Bill Duthie Booksellers? Choice Award in B.C. Francis also wrote a definitive biography of Louis Denison Taylor, the newspaper man who served as mayor of Vancouver more times than anyone else. His biography of Taylor, L.D.: Mayor Louis Taylor and the Rise of Vancouver, received the City of Vancouver Book Award in 2004.


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October 21, 2011



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