Waiting Room

By (author): Diane Flacks

Chrissie and Jeremy have spent a great deal of time in shock, waiting—for news of their baby daughter’s post-operation recovery, for weekly scans to show that her tumour is gone, for robotic forty-five-second updates from Dr. Andre Malloy, their brilliant but arrogant neuro-oncologist. The hospital waiting room has become a second home where they struggle separately as parents and as a couple, where they laugh inappropriately, lose tempers, and find resilience as they confront a roller coaster of hope and despair and a crisis of decision-making. And just beyond the waiting room, Dr. Malloy faces his own dark and risky medical dilemma. With sharp insight, Waiting Room examines medical ethics, compassion, gallows humour, and humanity in life-threatening situations.


Diane Flacks

Diane Flacks is a writer/performer whose solo shows, Myth Me, By a Thread, Random Acts, and Bear With Me (based on her book, published by McClelland & Stewart), have been critically acclaimed, published, and toured within North America. She has twice performed excerpts from Bear With Me at the CBC Winnipeg Comedy Fest. Most recently, Diane’s play Waiting Room premiered at Tarragon Theatre, where she also wrote and performed in By a Thread, SIBS (with Richard Greenblatt), Care, Gravity Calling, and Theory of Relatives. Diane’s written for TV, including Global/NBC’s Working the Engels, Baroness Von Sketch Show, Young Drunk Punk, PR, The Broad Side, a film version of her play SIBS, and Kids in the Hall. Diane can be heard on your radio as CBC Radio’s national parenting columnist and a contributor to DNTO and Tapestry. She’s written for the Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, and Today’s Parent magazine. She most recently played the lead in the in


“I was entirely absorbed […] I cannot imagine that anyone would be unmoved by the scenarios and relationships depicted in Waiting Room.”

“The questions that Flacks raises, about the doctor/patient relationship, the physician as a godlike figure and the decision to experiment for the good of science rather than that of the patient, are carefully posed and left for us to ponder.”


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December 08, 2016



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