By (author): Angela Misri

Being the greatest zombie fighter of all time is a lot for one animal, but Emmy’s the perfect hamster for the job. Fire, rage, and fury are her weapons of choice and woe to the undead human who crosses her path. That is, until the mammals she lives with invite a weasel, of all creatures, to join their camp. This unthinkable betrayal reminds Emmy that letting friends into your heart is always a mistake.

A lone warrior at her core, Emmy takes this opportunity to leave on a solo mission to rid the world of zombies once and for all. But, to her dismay, she seems to attract every helpless animal possible — humans, rabbits, dogs, bears, you name it. When Emmy finally shakes her companions, she discovers that being alone and unloved is a fate worse than death. Maybe loving those animals is what gave her the courage to fight zombies in the first place.


Angela Misri

Angela Misri is an author and journalist of Indian descent. She was born in London, U.K., and briefly lived in Buenos Aires before moving to Canada in 1982. Angela is the author of the Portia Adams Adventures series and several essays on Sherlock Holmes. In 2019, she published Pickles vs. the Zombies, her first book about animals in a zombie apocalypse, to widespread acclaim. She earned her BA in English Literature from the University of Calgary and her MA in Journalism from the University of Western Ontario. As a former CBC Radio digital manager and the Digital Director at The Walrus, Angela is never offline (although she prefers to write long form in notebooks). Angela plays MMORPGs, speaks several web languages, and owns too many comic books. She currently lives in Toronto, Ontario.


ValHamster, the third novel in author Angela Misri’s animal/zombies series, is an exciting and fast-paced read which makes it clear to readers that one should not judge others either by what they look like or by what one may have heard about them. ****/5, Highly Recommended.”
– Karen Rankin

“A quirky, amusing, funny story about a zombie apocalypse with the most unlikely heroes winning the day!”

– Eric Walters, award-winning author of The King of Jam Sandwiches

“In this book we combined an apocalyptic zombie universe with a bunch of animalistic characters. She’s a soul warrior. It’s a lot for one animal, but she’s the perfect hamster for the job. She’s got fire, rage, and fury as her weapons of choice. It’s a really interesting story with very vivid writing.”
– Bee Quammie


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May 14, 2022

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