Valery The Great

By (author): Elaine McCluskey

Valery the Great is a crackling, electric collection of dark humour that follows the bizarre and beautiful lives of its protagonists. Sometimes sweet and gentle, sometimes sharply sarcastic, the unique narrative voices in this collection are always powerfully touching.

Praise for Valery the Great:

“15 Finest Book Covers in Spring Fiction This Year” selection (Something Daily blog)

“By turns comic, pathetic, and tenderly tragic, Valery the Great is a charming collection.” (Quill & Quire)

“Her voice is scathing, very funny, her stories twisting at the end to leave me a bit stunned. … I loved this book, a short story collections whose curation had as much thought put into it as the stories themselves, a fantastic package with a gorgeous design. In addition to considerable talent, there is furious energy at work here, McCluskey giving it her all, and as a result, reading was a pleasure.” (Pickle Me This, blog)

“McCluskey is at her finest when she uses sharp humour and skillful, economic description to communicate her fatalistic worldview.” (The Globe and Mail)


Elaine McCluskey

Elaine McCluskey is the author of a short story collection, The Watermelon Social, and a boxing novel, Going Fast. A Journey Prize finalist, her award-winning stories have appeared in many of Canada’s leading literary journals. A former bureau chief for The Canadian Press, she worked as a journalist before turning to fiction. She teaches journalism part-time and works as a writing coach. She lives in Dartmouth, N.S.


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May 24, 2012



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