Up All Night

Edited by: R.P. MacIntyre

Up All Night is the result of Thistledown’s latest young adult short story competition, which in the past has produced the best-selling, award-winning collections.

Edited by R.P. MacIntyre, one of Canada’s foremost editors and writers of young adult fiction, this collection represents a range and depth of theme and style that ensures there is something for all readers to enjoy.


R.P. MacIntyre

R.P. MacIntyre is best known for his award-winning young adult fiction. He has also written for television, radio, and the stage and has edited and compiled over thirty-five anthologies of YA fiction, one of which won the Canadian Librarian Association’s Book of the Year in 1997. Mahihkan Lake is his seventh book and his first adult novel. Previous Books: Yuletide Blues, Thistledown Press, novel, 1991. The Blue Camaro, Thistledown Press, short fiction, 1994. The Crying Jesus, Thistledown Press, short fiction, 1997. The Sins of St. Dave, Playwrights Union of Canada, play, 1998. Revved, Thistledown Press, short fiction, 2002. Feeding at Nine, Thistledown Press, short fiction, 2006. Apart (w. Wendy MacIntyre), Groundwood Press, novel, 2007 Awards: Winner Saskatchewan Book Awards Children’s Literature for Feeding at Nine: 2007. (Also nominated for Fiction Award.) Winner Saskatchewan Centennial Medal of Honour for work in Literary Arts: 2005. Winner Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild Short Manuscript Award for “The Rink”: 2004. Winner Saskatchewan Book Awards Saskatoon Book Award for The Crying Jesus: 1998. (Also nominated for Children’s Literature Award.) Winner Canadian Library Association Young Adult Book of the Year for Takes: 1997. Winner Saskatchewan Book Awards Publishing in Education Award for Takes: 1996. Winner Vicky Metcalf Award for Short Fiction for ”The Rink”: 1993. Winner Best Educational Documentary at Saskatchewan Film and Video Showcase for A Room Full of Men: 1992.


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160 Pages
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April 01, 2001


Thistledown Press



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