Tragic Links

By (author): Cathy Beveridge

Tragic Links is award-winning author Cathy Beveridge’s fourth young adult novel focusing on Canadian historic disasters. This time Jolene and her family find themselves in Quebec where her father is conducting research for his Museum of Disasters. From the first, Jolene finds herself caught up in an old family feud and a new romantic friendship with Stephan, a Mohawk descendant who is also her grandmother’s neighbour.

When Jolene finds a time crease, she discovers Montreal in the 1920sand her own personal look-alike. Despite Stephan’s warnings, Jolene is determined to get to know her double, a decision that ultimately situates her in the midst of the devastating fire at a 1927 children’s matinee in the Laurier Palace Theatre. After a narrow escape, Jolene travels to Quebec City with Stephan and her family where she witnesses the Quebec Bridge collapse of 1907 and the tragic death of 75 steelworkers, many from the Mohawk nation.

This novel explores several contemporary youngadult issues, from generational problems to the nature of friendship to the difficulties of young romance. Through it all, Jolene grows in her understanding of her family, her insight into her own past, and her ability to comprehend her emotions.


Cathy Beveridge

Cathy Beveridge enjoys exploring memorable and often defining moments in time. Her novels include Tragic Links, a thrilling tale of two Quebec tragedies; Shadows of Disaster, a Frank Slide adventure; Chaos in Halifax, about the Halifax explosion; and Stormstruck, the story of the Ontario Great Storm of 1913. Two contemporary novels, Offside and One on One, were published by Thistledown Press. Her books have won the Snow Willow Award and been shortlisted for the Rocky Mountain, Gold Eagle, Diamond Willow and Red Cedar awards. Beveridge often visits schools and libraries, giving workshops and readings. She lives with her family in Calgary.


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March 15, 2009


Ronsdale Press



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