Thinking Forward

By (author): Michael Albert

A highly accessible and unorthodox approach to thinking about economics. It subverts the elitist and codified world of academic economics by empowering the reader with the tools needed to conceptualize an economy based on progressive and humane values. It challenges the idea — so prevalent in Western capitalism — that the best we can hope for is capitalism with a happy face. And it challenges us to imagine what could be: a society based on justice, solidarity, and vision.


Michael Albert

Michael Albert is the author of more than a dozen books, and co-founder of Z Magazine and znet, a progressive online network.


Michael Albert has always written about economics as if human beings really mattered. Thinking Forward is a wonderfully written, thoughtful, and even funny exploration into dismal science of economics. We don’t often think of political economy as visionary social science-yet Michael Albert manages to create progressive and even revolutionary ways of thinking about the way things are produced and owned in our society-while conveying a deeply humanstic understanding of how the world should work. Thinking Forward is a wonderful blueprint on the humane possibilities of transformative economics. -Manning Marable, Author of Along the Color Line


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210 Pages
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November 15, 1997


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