The Sulphur Springs Cure

By (author): Jeffrey Round


Jeffrey Round

Jeffrey Round is an author, playwright, and filmmaker from Toronto, Ontario. He has written sixteen books, including the Dan Sharp Mysteries, the Bradford Fairfax Murder Mysteries, and The Honey Locust, and he co-founded the Naked Heart Festival. Lake on the Mountain, the first Dan Sharp Mystery, won the Lambda Award for Best Gay Mystery and two other books in the series have been shortlisted for the prize. Jeffrey is currently at work on a feature film project.


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Just before World War II, Violet and her parents visit the legendary Sulphur Springs Hotel. Famed for its curative waters, the spa attracts a diverse crowd. Some desperate for a cure, others for more intangible things. During her time at the hotel, curious young Violet begins to suspect something devious is going on behind the luxury façade. It’s not until she unwittingly becomes party to a murder that she realizes how desperate people really are. But it is never too late to make peace with your ghosts. At eighty-four years old, Violet travels back to the hotel, now in ruins, to recover clues to the forgotten murder. Her return brings back memories of her family, a much-missed girlhood friend, and of her own sexual awakening. But what happens when the past brings hurtful truths with it?

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March 16, 2024


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