The PS Royal William

By (author): Eileen Reid Marcil

The PS Royal William


Eileen Reid Marcil

Eileen Reid Marcil is a maritime historian who received her doctorate from Laval University. Her previous books include The Charley-man: A History of Wooden Shipbuilding at Quebec 1763-1893

and Tall Ships and Tankers: The History of the Davies Shipbuilders

. She lives in Montreal.


The Canadian Nautical Research Society gave an Honourable Mention to Eileen Reid Marcil?s The PS Royal William of Quebec: The First True Transatlantic Steamer in the Keith Matthews Best Book Award 2021 Announcement. &#147Wide ranging scholarship to put it mildly on this vessel … The book is well illustrated, and attractively packaged. The story is told well? This is a good-looking, well-produced book. I very much enjoyed the plethora of visuals included by the author. It tells a good story. The main point of the book is to address the controversy over which steamship deserves the title: first true transatlantic steamer. We must also recognize the work of the publisher, Baraka Books of Montreal, for the production values.&#148

&#147 The information Eileen Reid Marcil presents about steamers and the people involved in their history is fascinating, while the many beautiful watercolours, photographs, and illustrations make her book a visual pleasure.&#148 Beverly Tallon, Canada?s History>


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120 Pages
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November 01, 2020


Baraka Books



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