The Nightingales

By (author): Patricia Seaman

Desire and deceit, love and loathing – The Nightingales is a novel about best friends.

It’s summer 1989, and as an insufferable heat stalks the city of Toronto, Julie and Alex fall madly in friendship. Alex wants nothing more than languorous nights of gin, pool-hall confidences and loyalty, but Julie wants something else – love. Enter Luc.

Sexy misadventures and labyrinthine passions scorch the night asJulie looks for life in all the wrong places. Entangled in Alex’s affections and jealousies, Julie’s innocence becomes a luxury she can’t afford. Sensual and textured, The Nightingales hits the jackpot on the ante of the female heart.


Patricia Seaman

Patricia Seaman is a writer, critic, editor and designer. She is the author of New Motor Queen City (Coach House Books, 1999), The Black Diamond Ring (Mercury Press, 1994) and Hotel Destiné (gynergy press, 1989). A well-known reviewer of popular culture, literature and film, Patricia frequently writes for the Globe and Mail, and has appeared in Brick, Descant, Parachute and Paragraph.


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160 Pages
7.5in * 5.25in * .5in


November 16, 2001


Coach House Books



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