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By (author): Anita Lahey

A collection of essays, reviews, personal reflections and interviews that offer a welcoming and insightful tour of contemporary Canadian poetry, as well as cultural studies on topics ranging from clothespins to eulogies. Anita Lahey, former editor of Arc Poetry Magazine, Canada?s most distinguished and lively poetry journal, brings together here her thought-provoking Arc essays with appreciations and reviews of a who?s who of Canadian women poets, including the exquisite (and rebellious!) formalist Diana Brebner, ?miniaturist? M. Travis Lane, grand dame P.K. Page, the long-neglected Dorothy Roberts, and Gwendolyn MacEwen, whose dramatic life and death unfortunately persist in overshadowing the legacy of her work. She writes on her Polish-immigrant grandmother and on growing up as the daughter of a cash register repairman, and engages in probing discussions with eminent Canadian authors Stephanie Bolster, John Barton, Joan Thomas and Alice Munro.


Anita Lahey

Anita Lahey’s Out to Dry in Cape Breton (2006), was nominated for the Trillium Book Award for Poetry and the Ottawa Book Award. She is a past winner of the Great Blue Heron Poetry Prize and the Ralph Gustafson Prize for Best Poem, and her work has been shortlisted several times for the CBC Literary Award for Poetry.


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June 13, 2013


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