The Miracles of Ordinary Men

By (author): Amanda Leduc

This is the story of two unlikely dreamers: Sam, a man who wakes up one day to find himself growing wings, and Lilah, a woman who has lost her brother to the streets of Vancouver. Sam finds himself falling away from the world as he grows feathers from his back, while Lilah makes her own subtle and terrifying transformation as she seeks sexual penance under the harsh hand of her boss. Sam and Lilah fall deeper into their separate spiritual paths, and the two hurtle closer and closer to a dark, unknown destiny, one that changes all that they know about life and pain, love and God, and how to find light in the most unforeseen places. Re-examining the traditional roles of priest and prophet, damned and divine, and creating something monstrous and exquisite, this well-crafted novel investigates the so-called truths behind religion and explores the intersection of pleasure and pain.


Amanda Leduc

Amanda Leduc was born in British Columbia and grew up in Ontario. She holds a Master’s degree in writing from the University of St. Andrews and has published across Canada, the U.S., and the U.K. She lives in Hamilton, Ontario.


The Miracles of Ordinary Men is darkly ambitious yet accessible, and mutable, for each reader will come to different conclusions.”  —Heather Cromarty, Globe and Mail  

“Amanda Leduc’s writing is both divine and earthy. Humor and grace illuminate this smart novel about the complexities of human and not-so-human nature. It shines.”  —Emily Schultz, author, The Blondes

“At a time when fiction seems soaked in magical realism that is heavy on the magical, Amanda Leduc’s novel  The Miracles of Ordinary Men  is a pleasant change of pace…The novel is a beautiful read, and Leduc’s observations and well placed descriptions lend the magical realism a lyrical quality…The Miracles of Ordinary Men  is a strong debut.”  —Angela Hickman, National Post

“Amanda Leduc’s The Miracles of Ordinary Men is fantastic realism, if there is such a thing – well, there is now. Like a waking dream, it has the capacity to seduce and surprise, and it exercises its option on both.”  —Andrew Pyper, author, The Demonologist

“A lyrical, powerful tale of good and evil that explores the nature of free will, faith, and redemption, this debut novel will appeal to fans of magical realism.”  —Lauren Gilbert, Library Journal

“A haunting novel that is tender and otherworldly.”  —Heather Paulson, Booklist

“A finely tuned exploration into how people live their daily lives when they are heavily invested in the realm of the spiritual.”  —Candace Fertile, Vancouver Sun


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328 Pages
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May 01, 2013


ECW Press



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