The Loxleys and Confederation

Double Award Winning Graphic Novel. 2016 Alberta Book Awards Children’s/YA Book of the Year and Illustrated Book Award Winner. The follow up to the award winning The Loxleys and the War of 1812, this full colour hardcover graphic novel catches up with the Loxley family in 1864 as new economic and military threats from America once again place the Canadas in grave danger.

The story is told as a travelogue, as reporter George Loxley follows attempts to bring the provinces together, joined by his daughter Ruth, and granddaughter Lilian. It is Lilian’s diary entries and her developing love story that threads the history together.

Claude St. Aubin once again brings his artistic mastery to the subject and Pierre Berton Award Winner Mark Zuehlke takes primary writing duties with both the graphic novel script and historical summary. The book contains 65 comic book pages and an illustrated historical summary written in the style of Lilian’s diary entries.

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“A compelling story about people and the land we all share; that goes far beyond what the encyclopedias say about Confederation and goes straight to the heart of the people whose lives intersected with that historical period.” – Rob Alexander, Rocky Mountain Outlook

“The Loxleys and the War of 1812 is not the first comic to blend history, education and adventure, but it is by far the best that I have ever encountered.” – Dr Chris Murray, Lecturer in Comics Studies, University of Dundee

“This is the graphic novel that should be present in every school library. It is difficult to instill a desire in a student to know more history without a clear picture of what it is he or she is studying. Students need to see real people in relatable situations in order to make connections between the past and the present; with this book that can happen. The Loxleys and Confederation make a difficult subject clear, relevant and with such great art: cool. It’s a perfect teacher’s resource and it’s a great piece of comic art that tells a poignant and dramatic story that allows a reader to see why Canada is such a great country an how its history should be envisioned.” – John K. Kirk,

“The Loxleys and Confederation will appeal to young readers, including reluctant readers who may be more comfortable with a graphic novel rather than a more text-heavy history-based work.” – Val Lem, Canadian Materials


  • Children’s Young Adult Book of the Year Alberta Book Awards 2016, Winner
  • Book Illustration of the Year Alberta Book Awards 2016, Winner
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