The Hills Are Shadows

By (author): Joan Givner

It was supposed to be a homecoming and reunion, but when Anne Tennyson Miller (Tenn to her friends and family) returns to Driftwood Bay with her new friend Una, they find a ghost town.

Something has gone terribly wrong in the world. The sea is rising fast, and everyone – almost everyone – has fled to the hills. Danger and treachery lurk on a highway littered with abandoned cars and possessions, and the girls, along with two young strangers who conceal a mystery of their own, head across country. They climb through the wilderness in hopes of finding the Miller family and safety, perhaps, from the relentless tide. But their adventures have only begun . . .

“Givner’s characters are so real that the reader will have no problem identifying with them” – CM Magazine.

“Her writing is crisp and clear, while her ability to wrap up the story, and prepare for a sequel is absolutely wonderful.” – Erika Sorocco, reviewer
“The several threads of the story weave together without fanfare but with a calm assurance that creates a sturdy sense of character and believability” – Kirkus reviews


Joan Givner

Joan Givner has written a dozen books of biography and fiction. She is also recognized for her series of books for young adults that include the Ellen Fremedon Series and A Girl Called Tennyson trilogy. Givner currently resides in a small seaside town north of Victoria, BC. Although she is retired from teaching, she still continues to write fiction, as well as review books for BC Bookworld, the Toronto Star, Books in Canada and other publications.


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264 Pages
8.5in * 5.5in * .44in


March 30, 2014


Thistledown Press



Book Subjects:

JUVENILE FICTION / Fantasy & Magic

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Middle Grade



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