The First Season

By (author): Bob Duff

2017-18 marks the hundredth anniversary of the birth of the National Hockey League. But the league almost didn’t survive its first year. Bob Duff chronicles the trials and tribulations of that first season, and tells the story of that first generation of hockey heroes who lent their names to the game they loved, and helped to make it great.


Bob Duff

Formerly the sports columnist for the Windsor Star, Bob Duff has covered the NHL since 1988 and is a contributor to The Hockey News and Duff’s book credits include The China Wall: The Timeless Legend of Johnny Bower, Hockey Dynasties, Without Fear, Nine: Salute to Mr. Hockey, On the Wing: A History of the Windsor Spitfires, The Hockey Hall of Fame MVP Trophies and Winners, Marcel Pronovost: A Life in Hockey, and 50 Greatest Red Wings. His newest book is Maple Leaf Moments, released in celebration of the Leafs’ 2017 centenary.


Praise for Bob Duff’s Original Six Dynasties

“Chief among the more enjoyable books this year … a love letter to the Golden Age Red Wings.”Detroit Metro Times

“Visually captures the Original Six glory years of the Red Wings in a way rarely seen before … a great gift for any hockey fan.”Hometown Life


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October 24, 2017





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