The Dears

By (author): Lorraine Carpenter

Over a decade after the release of their first album, The Dears have weathered the indie fringes, the collapse of the music industry as we knew it and the near implosion of the band itself, with their creative vision and gang dynamic intact. The Dears: Lost in the Plot looks at how The Dears survived the fallout, and helped launch the acclaimed mid-aughts music scene in their hometown of Montréal. The Dears: Lost in the Plot is the first book in Invisible Publishing’s new Bibliophonic series. The Bibliophonic Series is a catalogue of the ongoing history of contemporary music. Each book is a time capsule, capturing artists and their work as we see them, providing a unique look at some of today’s most exciting musicians.


Lorraine Carpenter

Lorraine Carpenter is a music journalist and a regular contributor to the the Montreal Mirror and Under the Radar magazine. She’s written for Exclaim, Chart, The Fader, Vice Magazine, and the CBC.


“With candid storytelling on the band’s rise and fall… the book paints a vulgar picture of a band who never quite got the success it deserved. Carpenter’s in-depth analysis of their discography and behind the scenes drama makes The Dears: Lost in the Plot the quintessential book for fans of Montreal’s unsung heroes”The Coast


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April 15, 2011



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