The Best of Windsor Cookbook

By (author): Jonathan Pinto

The Best of Windsor Cookbook takes us on a journey through one of Canada’s hidden culinary regions—home to bountiful farms, flowering wineries, and an ethnically diverse spread of global cuisine.

Since his column launched in 2013, Jonathan Pinto’s coverage of the Windsor-Essex food scene has introduced CBC Radio’s Windsor Morning audience to the area’s most exciting gastronomic hot spots. He had peeked inside the original oven of Blak’s, one of Canada’s oldest bakeries; toured Hiram Walker, the largest beverage alcohol distillery in North America; and met the family running Chicken Inn, a local equivalent of what might be considered “the Swiss Chalet of Baghdad.” Started as a way for Jonathan to learn about Windsor by meeting those who make its most delicious dishes, his column has developed into a weekly “must-hear” for famished local foodies.

Brimming with coveted recipes from the region’s most popular dining establishments, classic eateries, and tastiest hole-in-the-wall joints—from Nico Ristorante to Robbie’s Gourmet Sausage Co. to Caribbean Island Spice—The Best of Windsor Cookbook offers the five-star plates and all-star chefs that give Windsor-Essex its distinct and celebrated flavour.


Jonathan Pinto

Born and raised in Peterborough, Ontario, Jonathan Pinto moved to Windsor in 2012 to join CBC Radio’s Windsor Morning, where—amongst other things—he is the show’s food columnist. The son of Indian immigrants, Jonathan’s father (a chef) and mother (an incredible cook) fostered his love of good food from a very young age. A true chowhound, Jonathan leaves no stone unturned in the pursuit of flavour, delighting in finding deliciousness in the most unusual corners of the region. Jonathan lives in Windsor with his wife, Leslie—who baked her way into his heart with a delicious carrot cake.


Praise for The Best of Windsor Cookbook

“Packed with mouth-watering full-colour photographs…Pinto’s palate runs the gamut, from pub fare to fine dining.”The Windsor Star


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